Why Is Weight Loss Different For Men Versus Women – Knowing The Basic Difference

August 17th, 2014

Well, this is not an occasion to raise an issue on equality. Because what you’ll come to know about weight loss here might leave you a little disappointed and annoyed. More specifically, the ladies!

Our genes and lifestyles have a lot to do with the way we lose weight. This is something that may have not bothered you until someone comes along and tells you that weight loss is different for men and women.

And then there goes your peace of mind! How unfair, you might say.

While the women folk slog and carry out more physical activity like cleaning, dusting and carrying heavy shopping bags (phew!), it is the men who tend to lose more weight. That is why in most diet programs, the number of male:female ratio is completely skewed!

For e.g. on my beyond diet blog, the most common question “Does beyond diet work” is asked by 7 women out of 10 visitors!

Oh, and here’s the salt for your wound; men also lose weight faster. So you could be on your feet the whole day and the men in your family spend only an hour in the gym, but they are the ones who carry away the prize! As bitter as it might sound, it is the truth.

There isn’t much you can do to change this apart from accepting the fact that you won’t be losing more weight as fast as a man of your age does. This doesn’t mean he won’t have to put in any effort.

Men are just as conscious as women about their weight and looks but they are also more dedicated to their workout and diet discipline.

Even if he does give up his time at the gym, it’ll only be so that he can join his friends for a game of basketball or tennis. So men automatically tend to exercise even if all they are trying to is rejuvenate or de-stress their bodies.

Very few men who have made it a point to lose weight actually cheat on their workout regime. It could be because they don’t like being called losers, thanks to their male ego.

But apart from all this, our biological setup has a lot to do with the way we lose weight. Even after setting genetics aside, we need to go back to the basics of the male and female anatomy.

First of all, men have more muscle mass which helps them burn calories even with very little exercise.

This seems really unfair, but the consolation is that if a woman chooses to lose weight the healthier way then she can stay that way for the next few months by just doing some light exercises.

In women, once the stubborn fat has been done away with, they can take it easy for a while.

The next thing is that women’s bodies are made to handle pregnancy and childbirth. Hence as a girl crosses her teens, its time she needs to start being concerned about her weight. By the way, the beyond diet program I mentioned above, is a really good starting point for young women to keep their weight in control.

Around this time a woman’s metabolism slows down drastically. This is something most of us know and regret the fact of not having done anything about it earlier.

The female hormone called estrogen is responsible for keeping stores of fat in our body so as to make it look more feminine; these fat stores also make pregnancy more convenient.

Women have smaller lungs and a slightly weaker bone structure than that of men. So if women do the same sort of exercises as the men do, for the same amount of time, they are likely to get more tired, in a shorter span of time.

More strenuous exercises which burn more calories are meant exclusively for men since women may get muscle cramps or bone fractures during such workout. The weather is another factor which affects women more than men.

The harsh sunlight and its harmful rays are bad equally for men and women. But women are at a higher risk of skin cancer or other skin ailments as a result of having lighter skin which cannot keep the rays away. Hence men can afford to walk some distance in the heat and sweat it out but women find it difficult.

Lastly the hormonal changes in women’s bodies cause water retention which may make them appear heavier on the scales.

But water retention doesn’t last for more than a few days. What we women need is just a little more patience and we’ll then we can be at par with our male counterparts.

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June 25th, 2014

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